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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.

Discussing philosophies of Web development, life hacks, lessons and some honest truths.

Nov 18, 2021

Transcript - 

Surma's talk about brain-click - 

Is Chrome removing view-source? (no)

Studio lighting - 

Jake's Twitter thread about view-source - 

Bathroom designs

The HTTP203 episode on Deno - 

Jake's CORS article - 

Deno deploy - 

The little Deno server Jake wrote - 

Jake's wikipedia search thing - 

Color spaces and dithering

Surma's article on dithering - 

Tom Scott's video on the Pulfrich Effect - 

Shared element transitions - 

CSS cross-fade function - 

Compositing on the web - 

Michael Caine trying to do an American accent - 


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