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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.

Discussing philosophies of Web development, life hacks, lessons and some honest truths.

Aug 10, 2020

- Jake messed up his recording, so it sounds like he literally phoned it in. He is very sorry.

- Where do you put clothes that are in active service?

- How the star system of hotels should work

- Jake hates Eastenders

- The <portal> element →

- The session history traversal bit of the spec →

- Jake's writeup of how history behaves in browsers & spec proposal →

- The back-forward page cache →

- Moving an iframe →

- COOP & COEP to get SharedArrayBuffer back →

- To what degree does "talent" exist? Is talent simply practice? →

- The social and economic advantages you need to become good at something

- Does piracy have a valid place in helping disadvantaged folks learn software?

- Different kinds of practice: Work, play, and deliberate practice.

- Informer by Snow →

- This great Informer tweet →

- Jon Snow dancing →

- The short version of HTTP203 →